Diving Through the Swarm

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Author shadenshaft
Tags author:shadenshaft dda rated
Created 2006-04-18
Last Modified 2006-04-19
by 16 people.
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Description Part 1? Might make more rocket DDA's based on feedback.

The title: doesnt it look like a swarm of bees?

Let me know if anyone likes this style of DDA (really really rocket based)

It was mainly just for fun though.


MORE ON THE WAY!! Maybe even a KRA?

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i would like

it very much if you made a from you seems long over due...
placing many enemies in one dda has had its day
Firstly it lags like hell and the rockets just make it look like a clump of mess
Secondly the propuslions made it very boring.
Isn't there any variation at all? (check out magnotechnology for good propulsion)
Thirdly, i felt it was generic.

loved it



In my opinion, not as great as its 5/5 rating might suggest. Sure, it has its moments, but it's not as extraordinary as many of the great well known DDAs. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I give it a 3.5 because it was just not variant enough. It was kinda boring. Plus, you should try doing something other than DDAs. A good author not only has to be good at one specific thing, but also to be flexible.


my... god...

I wanted to end ...

with a bang lol


think it was great cept for the fake death :D

i say 4.5/5

opreeeeetty good

I liked it lots. The ending was nice.