Dr. FeelGood and the Podium of Love

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue bitesized rated test
Created 2006-04-25
Last Modified 2006-04-25
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Description Feel the love, brother.

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i love getting agd's on this. woo! spectacular idea man
hahahahaha. haha. ok I'm done.

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I found myself going up and down just to get more gold.


Worst way to die...
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A fatser All gold.

Fun map. Pretty cool.
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Sry!!!I was wrong to say that not all gold was the fastest. Whatch demo!!;)
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Who would of thought that maybe all gold is not always the fastest???
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Who would of thought that maybe all gold is not always the fastest???
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All gold

very fun map..
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first try :)

fun map
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Speed demo

I love this map.
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i want to kill myself for rating this so highly
Is a shaft I can hold.

Great map. Nice simplicity.

remember formica

faster isnt always better.
It feels like such a huge release once you've managed to pump your way out of the shaft...
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rather easy

but clever and strangley fun for it being so...
also is this 4-1?


i felt i performed rather well. i sure was pleased with my usage of the shaft, i thought i used it very effectively.

im certain you'll agree.
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i just

couldn't get enough momentum to shoot out! I think i can try for a little bit longer.



gold easy
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i think this is officially the page of innopropriate tilesets. but. alas. its an atob level. how is it not great?!? 5/5 as usual. to fire yourself out of the shaft really fast.
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All gold is, indeed, difficult. Nice map though.