Gunner Runner

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Author Monkey_Of_Doom
Tags author:monkey_of_doom bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2006-04-25
by 38 people.
Map Data

Description A very original race (i hope). There are three chainguns, that you have to pass before they fire, or cheat, and i will eat anyone who cheats. While this is a very short race, it is nonetheless frustrating. Enjoy! May extend at a later date

This map was featured on 2009-09-05

A lot of people think chain-guns go well in race maps, and then a lot of those same people make race maps with chain-guns in them that play like your worm in a minefield. Monkey_Of_Doom is different, his map plays very well. The fastest route possible is the only way to complete this figure eight race map, some knowledge of manipulating chain-guns should come in handy. — rocket_thumped

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This is too easy now.
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Foruth Try

I think the beginning is where I won frames.
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oh wow, nevermind

I died at the very end of that demo... oh well XD


everyone except Riobe.... darn you, stupid fast person
4/5 for the map, it was well done but kinda short...
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Demo Data

Fastest Speed.

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Not bad, like it. 4
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Pretty boring

No replay value IMO. :/

Too frustrating.

But very well constructed apart from the difficulty curve.


best race I've played
It didn't interest me like a review should. The map looks great though, will play later for sure.



pretty good

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loved this

rather nice timing

though very hard 4

gameplay was a bit boring. nice tiles tough.


That's 3 people who got 332 in a row

I like this.

4aved. Speed.
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Clever map
Demo Data

it's the MOD!

wasn't huge fan of this though. I liked the tiles though

Fastest... ,)

5.0 + favorites...
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I like the title, it was clever. And great gameplay.
I think im the fastest...
I dont know!!!lol
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i dont think i saved that one either... darn... ill make another then...


well i never saw it :(
heres my demo
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im positive i gave you a ded!

i think i may have deleted it tho... A long long time ago...

I never got my ded



I like htis a lot.
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i thank thee.

Why is this 3.5!?

It's friggen better then formica's new race!
People need to start rating better these days.
It don't matter if it's short since you're still going to be playing and that's just the way it is. You still got the taste of it. Except for a DDA, shorts never good for that.

:] Good job.

Fastest Demo here too :]
:D :D :D I'm so addicted to is!
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i love it

and it causes some funny deaths ;)
PS: don't make it longer, that wouldn't suit for this kind of map. it would become too frustrating.
it's great as it is.


all these new maps are boggling up the top rated
this is the tenth top rated map


Looks very nice, make a longer one :-)
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GREAt map!


hopefully i can stop being lazy for long enough to finish it.


i know it's short

i am very lazy.


i'd like to see an expansion, maybe after the first loop go up into the blank space for another loop with two chaingunners?

4/5. shortness, in case of wondering.


really fun.

i mentioned that

you don't need to tell me.