Do It For Me Now

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Author kamikaze3000
Tags author:kamikaze3000 dda rated
Created 2006-04-25
Last Modified 2006-05-02
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description a HOLD LEFT DDA. this is my first DDA, so im no good at making maps as great as the improbability drive etc.

it would be great if you could give me suggestions for improvements and such.

rate and comment too


EDIT: Press 1 before you start

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i just got cheated. ah well

Demo Data


thanks adster. maybe i should change that then
trapdoor jumping is hard to master, well done. speed was good, but not many tiles, so a 3 from me.

also, state that its a click 1 before playing, as that creates closer calls.

actually doghouse

there was repetition on some of them


too many edited launchpads and no repetition on them witch wasn't good at all. In total i didn't really like it.

very good

for a first.


thought it was quite good


how does locked/ normal door propulsion work?
i like gold delaying thwumps for alot of speed and there is also locked/normal door propulsion.


thanks pindicator

N Propulsion

1) Jump Pad
2) Trap door
3) Thwumps -- (can be used MANY ways: if N doesn't get squished he usually gets shot out fast, particularly good with slopes and #4)
4) Coin delay grey soft boxes (coin delay them so that N does not bounce off of the box until he is inside the box -- again, a lot of speed can be generated here)

here I am

holding right. :)


i wont use so many next time. its just that im not sure how to propel N otherwise


this is a great first DDA, just try not to use so many eddited jump pad.