Powered by thwumps 4

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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-11-24
Last Modified 2004-11-24
by 63 people.
Map Data

Description Nothing but N, the exit, and a whole load of thwumps.
Watch as N gets pushed, squeezed and thrown around an ever changing, constantly moving world.

This is kinda short, but I was running out of places to send N, and I was worried about all the thwumps causing lag. I still think I managed to get a lot of cool moments in to quite a short time though.

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Nice and long.

I like that in a dda. 5

fun u dont have to move

great map

it took me a few tries but i finally figured out the thwump movement patterns.
Demo Data

Awesome DDA

Truly insane!
...good work.


I can't express my admiration: How do you make this kind of level?
HOLY SHIT ON A SHINGLE!!! that was awsome.


AMAZING! how can u do that?


Use A DDA without thumps...please.

thumps are the devil!

very nice,

impossible for me to comprehend how to do

That was....




Holy Wibble!

Amazorzing!! I bow down to you, Lucidium, for your masterful DDA of a single item.


really really good

does every thwump do something in it though?


holy, friggen, lord all mighty. that was FREAKING AMAZING. just pure thumps.


how the hell did you make this!?! its awesome!
to make one?
That's unbelievable, man. This is the real deal. I love the ending, I tried one of these long ago, and it didn't turn out nearly as good. Excellent, excellent job!


It's just amazing how much variety you put into this map with only one type of item. Well done.


I'll try to make one. I think I know how it's doable...

Also, great DDA. Rated a 4.
How you make these. You can't very well place thwumps as you go, because after ten or so it would begin to affect the previous ones. But you can't very well just throw them all out at once. . . how do you make it do the same thing as you add more and more thwumps?


I love it! I personally love the open style DDA's and this is a masterpiece in the making. Great job.