Just walljumping

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Author Brickman
Tags action author:brickman playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-11-24
Last Modified 2004-11-25
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description In this map, you are not allowed to use the left or right keys, just the jump key. Its tricky to figure out, and getting to the first two switches may have you stumped, but I can do it. Do nothing during the ending, just watch the screen and think of how amaingly cliched that thing is. Tell me if the gold delays end up screwing up, btw.
Edit: oops, I didn't think of the two things CD did. I'm updating the map so that they don't work, all other demos should be unaffected.

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Demo Data


Demo Data


Donut's demo was made before the map was edited.


Your demo doesn't work. It just shows you fall to the bottom and jump for a while.


I got up the first shaft just fine, but after that, I dunno... I don't feel like watching the demos tonight, But maybe I'll have one of my own sometime tomorrow.

Nice, though!


i think i cheated. I didnt get everything , yet i still won. It looks like i moved on the bottom but i didnt. If you jump, you dont lose your momentum as fast

Still a cool map though
Demo Data


Interesting concept. It felt a little like Jump! at times.
Demo Data
that 2nd other switchs has got me big time... I've tried everything, after that, its a breeze
Demo Data