It's My Nightmare and I'll Die if I Want To

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-11-20
by 109 people.
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Description *whimper*

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Sendy! this level has almost 4 years. You made it in 2004 and i'm watching it in 2008. I've seen ALL kinds of DDA's. I have to disagree with you about the high speed DDA's. I love them.

BUT THIS... At first i thought "alright, the DDA is good. Not the best i've ever seen. I didn't imagine you making DDA's and stuff.. BUT WHEN YOU HIT THE DRONE! jajaja DUDE! what was that about?" I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT, PERIOD.

A huge five out of five. It's amazing how after 4 years of players developing maps and DDA's, this could be the very best one.

I just love you.


PS: YOU AND FORMICA ARE THE SAME GUY?? jaja surprise after surprise..
...meaning 5avedsized.
I give it a 5/5, and it's also easy to finish without doing nothing (that means doing something, in case you are an idiot and don't know.)
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Quote (you):

"i worked it out i spent ages looking thru"

Quote (you):

"Stop doing it its pointless. Get a life"

Time of proof: 1 minute.
i worked it out i spent ages looking thru and i found out that formica and sendy are the same guy. I have my feelings that blue tetris is him too. You devil. Stop doing it its pointless. Get a life stop mkaing like 5 accounts. god

I liked it but...

i thought it was kinda slow at some parts. But awesome otherwise


can't decide if I like it or not. 4.5/5.
I have ADD here, after all :P
The beginning was good, the next part okay, the next part good the next part ok, and the rest good.

What the hell?????

I've never rated this!!!!

Fake death

Play it in debug mode only. I can't edit the description but this was made before v1.4 and game mode.

Fake death

Play it in debug mode only. I can't edit the description but this was made before v1.4 and game mode.

Fake Death

I get a fake death every time!


this is one good DDA it is verry fluid (none of that jurky movement crap) you also had it going for a while. verry good. PS. if you added more enimies but kept the movement. this could be the top rated DDA. It has BIG!!! possibilitys. 5/5 (add more enimies and it becomes 10/5)


Nice, I loved it. It had its fast bits, but I also really liked its slow bits. Slow, yet with close calls too. 5/5 and faved.


1. boring. i like dynamic DDAs
2. You used to much gold delay for a close calls
Although there were some non-gold delay close calls, to my mind that deserves only 3/5. Sorry


Awesome DDA.


Very nice 4.5/5 but near the end my dude pulled a trick and slid right through all the walls..but it was good anyway.

Really good

But it could have used less gold delay


Thats pretty much all i have to say. O yeah...Right before the end there was a little glitch and it stopped working. i loved it. 5/5


This is teh best! That Magnotechnology is overrated, this should be top!


at least when its slow I can see whats hapenning...

a little faster

and it would be perfect. 5/5 anyway


4.5/5 How did you make it so you live through the zap drone?


I think that DDA's are the hardest to make. THey eather have to be really gud or stink but this one was AWSOME. Please come and chect out my maps when u have the chance.


that was pretty darn good!


this DDA is fantastic! 1 question though, how did N survive dat zap drone?


One: What diff does playin online mode make? I mean u can't see people?

Two: How do u Make lvls

Three: How do u play someone's made lvls?


WAS HE MEANT to disappear into the tiles?

anothr awesome DDA


I love it. Longest DDA I've ever seen, I think.

Yeah, it was slow, but that doesn't mean it was bad. 5/5. Graceful, many close calls, just amazing. I like DDAs that don't have too many jump pads.


Come on. Bring it on!!! I need some more stupid comments on my DDA. Just bring it!!!!!


Play it in debug mode, foo. I can't change the description to tell you this, but I thought it was common sence, since debug mode is more flexible and has traditionally been the venue of DDA's since time immemorial.



Let me tell you something, I HATE all these 'fly around in open spaces at high speeds because of modded jump pads' DDA's. They aren't in the least bit entertaining. If the ninja moves slowly, there is more room for style and grace. Not a bad try, hahahaha, add more launchpads, hahaha, just go away please. Thank you drive through.


You really, really don't know who Sendy is do you?


a bit slow and boring.... but not bad try, try to speed up with other launch pads and stuff

2 qs

A: how come u dont die when hit! B: u idiot! sometimes on DDA's like that my flashplayer goes nuetral! i can move ned and the grounds are solid. also, the chains,lasers and zaps move also! BUT i cant go through anything else and dont die!
dude..when i hit one of the bounce pads, i suddenly was airborn. i mean like WEIRD airborne. airborne as in i can fly off the screen, i go throught everything, and can only go left and right. but nice dda. bit slow tho


thank god it was only a dream! ;-)



fantastic! some very nice touches.. i especially liked the 'slow eroding' platforms. a definite five.
For anyone interested, this level just appeared in PC Gamer UK.