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I like the fact that when you hit the zap drone ya don't die and the fact that some of the bounce pads are delayed or don't even work at all but aside from that I still gave ya a perfect 5.

tell me

come to my level"FALL" and tell me how to open levels

hey sendey

tell me how to play levels(i'm new here) ^^, so how do you go to levels? ><,

this is kavis


Not working for me

N keeps dieing in mine. I think this level does not like me.


How anyone could give you any lower is beyond me!


An awesome level, but kind of slow for a DDA


this is truly one of the best ive seen,
the timing is so great! i loved it


When you're bouncing on a springboard/jump-pad/whatever, you are in a state of invincibility for a fraction of a second. Look at my DDA "Ultravisitor" for the same effect with mines (it makes a nice sound FX)


Reminds me of the old school DDAs, with some new tricks in there too. I like it.


how did you make N hurt, but not kill him? that was fascinating 5/5


That was a fu$king nightmare and I'm glad people enjoyed it.

Great stuff

This was absolutely amazing. 5/5.


Would you rather I not say what my vote is? because that's what I'm going to do, if you keep this up...

Sweet jesus...

Nice, nice, nice! Ya know, I was gonna give you a 4, because I don't like gold delay on jump pads, but since Eli's dead-set on counting off for hidden thwumps, you get a 5.


Another excellent DDA. Sendy you've done it again!!!


5 points -1 for a hidden thwump...

Love it!

One of the best dda's Ive seen in a LONG time :) 5/5