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Author Evil___
Tags author:evil___ autogenerated featured n-art rated
Created 2006-04-29
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description A test.

This map was featured on 2013-07-31

De amor y desamor está llena la vida, de sueños e ilusiones que quizas jamás podamos realizar, de ahnelos y deseos que solo Dios sabe si lo podremos alcanzar, de desengaños y traiciones de quienes jamás pensamos que podían lastimar.

El problema, cuando se busca a la mujer perfecta, es que ella probablememte está buscando al hombre perfecto. — zoasBE

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(hope i said that right, i didn't use a translator)


computer222's my favourite author! Quit hating.
Nor does the genre of map matter either. However, I'm sorry to sound negative but I'm not finding this N-art even remotely interesting.
Do not give a shit like this map was made, I just like it.
fuck that guy
absolutely every kind of map can and should be featured
A lot more effort went to the writing of the program than most n-arts / maps in general. To dismiss it because of that is short-sighted, IMO.

he should have made an auto-generated review!
I'm not opposed to featured n-arts, but at least feature the ones with all that effort that typically goes into them.
is a tag I want to see on a featured map.
is so hopeless

Certainly was not my day...

My bad,

If you want to translate the review, you must replace 'probablememte' by 'probablemente' in the last sentence.

Nothing and nobody is perfect... :P


You took my idea. Except this map was made a long time ago.

Yeah, but.

He didn't write the program, I don't think.


writing a program is art in itself! dont rate down for it. What matters is what the final product is! 5/5 this is awesome!

Yeah, it's great

even though it was made by a tool. 4.5


Some colour would be good, but the actual image is in B&W, so it just came up with mines or gold.

Looks cool


-1 for the tool.

Kind of inspires me to do something like this by hand. With some more color though.