Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day bad bitesized crazy dda physics rated
Created 2006-04-30
Last Modified 2007-09-28
by 8 people.
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Description Ladies and Gentlemen, did you know that if you are unsure if N is dead, then he is both dead and alive? Tonight I present, Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty, a white knuckle ride through the heart of the robot world. Though it may be short, it is certainly intense and not fot the weak hearted. Please, sit back, relax, rate and enjoy.

PS, We are sorry for any inconvenience the gold delay has caused you, and we would like to apologize in advance for this problem.


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I have never seen a DDA like this :o.


joined two months before me?


Go home!

Call your mother...
no one wants you here, noob!


first map was a vagina?



What a fugly map! =D


first map was a DDA?

because it delays the use of the object below the gold.


how is it gold "delay" if it doesnt slow him down,
anyway you get a 4

good DDA

too much lag though. 4/5

Thank you all

Even dog house, who gave me a higher rating than I ever expected. And escpially nemetacyst for supporting me thru all that. Now, im making a new DDA, that is even better ( in my opinion) which includes loads of close calls ( some times N is 1 Frame exactly from being killed), no Lag, NO GOLD DELAY, and a reasonable length. Ill post here when its donE!


dude...we kinda determined all that a long time ago...

and i was perfectly aware i was right...i just didnt want to sound like an asshole...

but thanks just the same...not that we really needed it...

w/e...this level is cool...*watches again*


waaaaay too much gold delay.


nemetacyst, you are right its schrodinger and what the experiment is called "schrodinger's cat" he says that if you place a cat in a box with some unstalbe element that can kill the cat at _random_ time. Because you cannot see the cat, tehre is no way to know if the cat is dead or alive, so therefore he is both. Its screwy logic but its awesome.
Now unto the DDA...amazing job, really. However, i have two main problems with it. One, the gold delay, i mean a little bit is excusable but wow...also, i wish there werent so many bounce pads. Its tough for me to chose between a 4 or a 4.5. . . i think i'll go with 4.5


how did you get it to do that. that was the most amazing thing ive ever seen done with a mapmaking thing in my life!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE LIKE THESE.

P.S. This should get a 10/5, not just a 5/5.

no problem...

i like the name too, i thought it was ingenius until i read the

anyway, yea...i know how the gold delay can be sometimes...but its still an excellent level...

dont worry about the name...its fine, it sounds probably one of the few who will notice that it doesnt match the descrip...

To nemetactcyst

Im sorry, you are completly right. I got the 2 theories wrong. However, I do like the name, and I can't think of a better one. Hmm, thxs for the pointer and ill work on a name. And I know I used WAY too much gold delay, but these things have to be done sometimes. (lol)
but way too much gold delay...

and im pretty sure the alive/dead thing is a thery of Schrodinger, and that hiesenberg is the rule that states you cannot know more than 1 characteristic of something because to know that one, you must change it in some way...(IE: electrons and other atom related stuff)

i may be wrong...but im pretty sure...
(remember schrodingers cat???)


that was amazingly good...5/5


this map is laggy


I don't see the map data