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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized featured playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2004-11-29
by 57 people.
Map Data

Description Just the exit, and a bunch of gold. Not even any enemies.
Nice tileset though...

This map was featured on 2008-06-24

It'd be hard to find a map that did more for puzzles than "Deceptive," and even harder to find an author that did more for puzzles than Lucidium, in his constant brilliant innovation and experimentation. "Deceptive" is definitely one of his masterworks, totally lacking in enemies or objects besides the most basic, it's still very challenging, and only the most skilled players can all-gold it.
So enjoy this genre-making map, and see how jumpers got started. — gloomp

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not using "shortcut" method. Still, it's a pretty tight run I think.
Demo Data

slow speed run

but demonstrates a 'shortcut'
Demo Data

And here we are.

The fastest speedrun on Deceptive ever.
Demo Data
until I chimneyed to hard at exit pipe. ;_;

Demo Data
Demo Data

Do I win?

Can be improved by about 200 frames
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A legendary map
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i got all the gold XD


fuck man.. the last jump took me as much as the entire map before it >:x
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Slow and ugly, but I got it.
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thank god there was no trapdoors under the gold...=)
I liked it.

First go.

I remember this, and I remember being completely stumped as to how I was supposed to make my ninja reach these places.

I've only just about realized how...

Excellent map.
Demo Data

First try.

I like. 4/5.
Demo Data

Speed demo,

I could probably get faster, but I can't be bothered to do it again XD.
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First User Level

I attempted to beat. I killed hundreds of ninjas, but i got all the gold!!!
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My replay

I didn't get all the gold, but I did it!
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Kinda fast. The end took me a while. I didn't know how easy it was until I actually tried it. 5/5 and faved. And hey! My vote made this a 4.5! Definitely deserves it.
Demo Data

Very Slick

Everything was great until the final least i finished!
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some all gold action...i will probably get it a whole bunch faster soon
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speed demo! i love this level. 5/5. fastest (and only) i believe
Demo Data

Not toooooo slow

great map
Demo Data

Love and hate it

I'll rate it a 4.5 because it's beautifull and great to play.

Well except for that last jump, I just can't make it. :p

I'm a bit slower.

Better than the 9000s I was getting before though.
Demo Data

Not as fast as you

but I got it!
Demo Data


This is really good practice
Especially for a spazz like me.
D**n it! I always forget to record a demo!


God, these levels are too hard. 5/5
But please don't watch this unless you're completely stumped.
Also, there's a shortcut, and a different way to get the exit switch that I haven't shown here.
Demo Data

as far as I get man

this is SOOO hard
Demo Data
I spent five minutes trying to get up to the goal. Finally figured it out. Nice level, I'd like to see someone get all the gold without messing up too much.

Cool level!

Really nice! and THANK YOU for not putting trapdoors under the gold!