Kettering Valley

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Author Monkey_Of_Doom
Tags author:monkey_of_doom playable race rated
Created 2006-05-07
by 10 people.
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Description I'm banned from my comp at the moment so i'll be brief.

This is an apology to KETTERING who never saw his ded. I did make one, but that was back in the days when i believed ratings were everything, and i deleted it. So here's another. This one is an insane thwumpy race. Enjoy!

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i dunno

i dunno if you'll ever see this comment but I'm back, with a new name i lost my old one and never got any of my emails back about it.

Thanks, not only is it a ded to me it's also a BEAUTIFUL map.

and double w00t!

apparently i'm a mindless zombie that spends all day making race maps and has no social life! That is such a compliment!


people like the map.


Yea baby.

Another great map.

I want to give you a pearl neclace.


I really couldnt give a crap about the politics or anarchy of this place, or making friends either really.
All I see here, is someone who makes great race maps.
Good work, keep it up.


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