The Heart of the Machine

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day dda featured heart machine rated story
Created 2006-05-07
Last Modified 2009-10-15
by 24 people.
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Description Finally, after many years of searching, N has found the Heart of the Machine. He knows that if he can destroy it, he will be free to return to the world he once belonged in. However, the Machine is a complex beast, that even N can't fathom.....Will he make it out alive, let alone free himself from his robotic prison?

This map was really fun to make, has no gold delay, no code-editing and no lag (I hope, it works smooth on my really slow computer). There are also loads of close calls, including many 1 frame escapes. (If you don't believe me watch it frame by frame) Also, don't forget to press 1 before playing!

Rate, enjoy and tell me what you think, and have a look at my other maps while youÂ’re at it. Click here [] for the sequel. Thxs

This map was featured on 2012-10-25

Are you tired of your normal everyday N? Hate spending all that time bashing keys, finding exits, or even doing things in general? Well we have a solution! Introducing, The Heart Of the Machine! Now you can enjoy all the close calls and fast paced action of N, while having lord_day do all the work! Just play and walk away! Impress your friends with complex manoeuvres and clever map design, without actually having to do anything! Laziness has never been so easy! This can all be yours for a low, low price. Operators are standing by. Order today! — NachoCheese

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very cool review

and a damn awesome dda!

old school

from back in my day, I dig it. Do people even still make DDAs?

Fun review

And an awesome DDA. This is in the sweet spot for DDAs, imo: simply a bunch of fast-paced close calls strung together efficiently. Perhaps that is too simplistic a view, but I still really like this.

And Xerces,

Check out doghouse maps, there are some frankly interesting. Many of them really above to many average maps around.

Groundbreaking DDA.


doghouse has over 100 maps and a Featured one.
Anyway, great old-school dda!!


...who the fuck is doghouse? hahahaha never even seen you post a map or comment on a map before man- anyways this DDA was pretty fucking intense and was definitely thought out, i also like how long it was- 2000 frames pretty much, great close calls too...




it is good
Top Rated

@ doghouse

i went over some of your ddas, and i think that compared to this they were crap. there was soooooo much gold delay it hurt, telaporters, and you were ripping on the jump pads for shame, for shame

4.5/5 for this map


By far the best DDA board i have ever seen. Props.


I love the laser drones!


that's good. looks like it took days to make 5/5


this was great, i thought so many times it got bugged and he died, but it was just THAT close.
wow thats friking incredible 5/5

you could probly do the pro-mark, that could be pretty easy

one more thing

see doghouse rates maps like they should be rated. These days, nearly every good DDA gets a 5 or a 4.5 THese ratings imply perfection. Now, short of hte improbability drive and maybe magnotechnology, no DDA has ever really achieved this. But even so, i suppose a 3/5 is a bit low.

why dont you

ive made ddas for ages and you dont think i know all this?


tool. If you could a ever make a DDA with more than 12 enemies in this confined a space with that many close calls, i would quite literally shit my pants. Go home doghouse.


close calls that were made using 12 enemies! i could easily make a dda that has a lot of close calls with 12 enemies especially if it is confined like this. What i meant about circular was that n just kept ong going round and round the thing and there was no variation at all. Also while i must credit on the lack of gold delay, i was appalled at the lack of good propulsion and the overspamming of launchpads.


Edit: There is no gold delay, and no edited launch pads, so maybe you should vote a little nicer/fairer.

To doghouse

I understand that every1 has the right to their own vote,but I don't think that you are very good rater, because for example, my last DDA, which was definetly worse than this one, you gave the same rating. Also N does not go around in circles, he takes a path, and what did you want me to do, make hime stand still? Also it has many extremely close, close-calls, and the only problem that I think there is with it is as you said, there are way too many launch pads, but I still think that its worth more than 3/5. There is no gold delay, and no edited launch padslittle nicer/fairer. So what do you want in a DDA?, thats anyone, not just doghouse, please tell me, and ill work on it.


it just doesn't match up with the number one place. All i saw was n going round in circles and there was an over spam of launchpads.

great map

but not really as good as the comments suggest (no offence). my main problem with it is the amount of launchpads in it, it could use some more variety. Also, at the risk of sounding like doghouse, DDAs with large amounts of enemies have had their time, its time for new ideas. I would be much more interested in a DDA that only had a few bad guys and still had close calls


No question about it


I ggave it a five!


Excellent!!! Nicely done!


a good DDA. I like it very much. 5.0/5