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Author ShObBy
Tags author:shobby dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-03
by 9 people.
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Description beeter?or worse? (i`m not that good with english so sry if I made mistakes)
plz vote for the map !

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N Broke?

well the map should be somehow else , but everytime I made a map and at the end I tryed to poot a mine or a gold it was getting modifyed ... and that jump pad sry for it as I sayd it got modified or something .. the rockets were getting to me faster everything was STRANGE just `cause a gold

Yet again

You display a level of competence that many early DDAers seem to lack. There's some great missile work, and everybody sees a close call or two.
Only one thing: having jumppads that aren't used is not very. . . I can't think of a word, but they definitely look better when the unused pads are removed. Same would hold true for one-ways and bounceblocks (except that there weren't any unused ones of those).

Haha easy

yes I know it's a dda
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personally I preferred the other one