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Author oundj
Tags author:oundj incomplete unrated
Created 2006-05-14
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Well, I started the N Art, and then realized I didn't have enough room, and i'm way too lazy and pissed off at it to restart farther to the left, so tell me if there's an easier way to do it and if you like it so far. Rate and comment, no use telling you not too.

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do you also like nirvana?!


i LOVE Nirvana!!


That is pretty neat! 5/5

yeah i will

kamikaze. and thanx guys. maybe ill do a redo... i got a lotta support=)


i love nirvana so 5/5 dude!!!

if u do redo..

stick the nirvana smiley in there too

lol that sucks!

that happens to me sometimes, so i understand. im sure the rest would have been just as good