i'm dancing and i'm not dead!

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Author Shadow_soul
Tags author:shadow_soul test unrated
Created 2006-05-14
Last Modified 2006-05-15
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Map Data

Description i took "It's like dancing, only you're in the sky, and you suck at it" and turned it into a slightly longer version. at the end you hit a mine so make to play it in debug. DON'T RATE UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN IT IN DEBUG!!!!!! keep dancing! ^_^

korbachev made the original. thank you ^_^

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you kinda got rid of the theme of the level in the small part you added. You're never not doing an ending pose in mine.


i rate lower because you didnt give him credit..


mosh said if you dont give him credit *eyes turn red* ILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!
Because he made the original.