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Author monopole
Tags action author:monopole bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-05-15
by 60 people.
Map Data

Description "...and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto him over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

Oh, and with mines and a chaingun drone too.

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of course

As n-art: awesome
As a playable map: yuck

i hate

mine jumper puzzle maps. they really piss me off cuz i'm not good enough to beat them. NR cuz i can't beat it.


your stil of mapmaking is great - something like the one of "zorn": the nice art, combined with a great placement of mines and enemys! really great, even if i don´t like it too much because its too hard for i won´t rate, would be not realistic!


your stil of mapmaking is great - something like the one of "zorn": the nice art, combined with a great placement of mines and enemys! really great, even if i don´t like it too much because its too hard for i won´t rate, would be not realistic!


Thanx monopole for telling me what it was. But the scythe looks like the trunk, the head and his arm look like ears, and his wings look like the back.
Either way, I gave a 5.
i cant imagine how painful it must have been to hit the reset button so often.

that said, i fail to see why an excruciatingly hard map can't be good. the sense of satisfaction upon completion increases with the difficulty.


now that i play getting second thoughts...the gameplay was excruciatingly hard for most ppl here to enjoy fully. this gets a 3/5 from me but the tileset was brilliant, i gotta compliment you on that.

Are you blind?

How can you not see the big freaking reaper as the entire freaking map!?
Your ded is in progress.

genesee: Elephant? Uh.. I don't see it. :)


This might be a little off subject, but looking at the thumbnail of this level, the tiles kind of look like an elephant. A great tileset none the less.


gameplay sucks
but still amazing tileset


i agree with aju. it just isnt that fun, its more of a constant slog to not make a single mistake. I am, however, rating this a 4 just for that kickass grim reaper. unjust, maybe, but it just looks too damn cool to rate lower.


Appearance: 10/5
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Object placement: 2.5/5

Score: 5/5

It just looks too damn awesome, for me it's an N-art.
and this is the day it came out. Weird.



I really like awkward mine jumpers. Not the insanely hard ones, but especially the ones with multiple routes. This map is perfect. I love it. I love you, monopole. Keep it up, or i shall lose my sanity.

Go, make another. NOW!

I don't know...

It wasn't THAT good. The tiles looked nice, but led to very ackward gameplay. You pretty much land on the edges of tiles. There are so many mines that you have to think constantly. It just isn't that fun in my opinion.
There's only 14 pieces of gold.

Why is this?

Because of load-times? Or some other factor?
Pretty neat map too.


5/5 from me and faved

Speed demo

Took 40 minutes.
Demo Data

I just noticed

the tileset, holy crap... I made a song about it...

Im in love with a Reaper.
He cuts and
He slices.
he chops and
he dices.
Im in love with a reaper


a little further...
Demo Data


I really like the gameplay actually. The chaingun path is very nice and to be honest, it really reminded me of death. Like, a scary movie. Running away. Not completion. But I'll get you one.
Demo Data

Thanks everyone!

The fastest demo posted between now and when I check next will get a dedication map. 'Cause why not.


Like the spider one, it looks great but it feels as if the gameplay is just incidental. Infact, I felt the same with quite a few of Zorn's maps... it's a difficult style to make great maps with playing-wise, it has to be said.
i hope i get lucky :)
5/5 y favd


Looks really fantastic, but really doesn't play very well.
Maybe I just suck at N, or it's my dislike or mine jumpers, but this gets a 3.5 from me.


Okay, now this is not only a very pretty map, but a very, VERY fun one.

5/5ed, favourited, and you've earnt a place in my heart as the creater of one of my favourite maps ever.



are you sure you arn't zorn?
Just kidding
But awesome map and awesome tileset 5/5

Zorn is dancing...

... in his metaphorical grave.




monopole, you are channelling the spirit of zorn.

there are, quite obviously, still uberskills on numa.

Oh. My.

F-ing beautiful tileset. Very difficult. I don't have time to properly playtest this now, so I'm reserving my rating untill later, but DEFINATELY favourited.... beautiful work!


Is simply amazing.

Keep it up man!


at first i thought the tiles were just a bundle of random tiles...then when i looked harder, I SAW A GRIM REAPER!!!!!