The Heart of the Machine 2: The Engine Room

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day bitesized dda featured heart kra machine rated thwumps
Created 2006-05-15
Last Modified 2009-10-15
by 124 people.
Map Data

Description Somehow, N had made it through the machines defences. How, he didn't know. But now he was in more trouble. He had arrived in the engine room, the core of the machine, which supplied energy to every branch of the machine. N had thought that he would just sneak through this room, without damaging anything, because if he did, it could have dire consequences, shutting down the whole machine, and leaving him trapped in an empty shell of a former beast. The only problem was that there was a rocket launcher, and if that rocket hit anything, N and the machine would be done for.....

This is a KRADDA, powered only by thwumps, with close calls for N and the rocket, with no code editing. I think it's the first one ever, but I could be wrong! Comment, rate, enjoy and check out my other maps. Click here [] for the prequel.

This map was featured on 2011-05-11

A DDA is where you ninja is propelled through traps using glitches, thwumps, and launchpads, occasionally down narrow choke points, and always makes it to the exit. Add a rocket which never dies and you have a KRADDA. lord_day has done all of that and more. While the ninja is flying through his narrow caverns covered with mines, the ever-pursuant rocket is close behind, never giving up. Why, the ninja is given a roller coaster ride on thwumps, the rocket makes its way through the narrowest of hallways. This, my friends, is the ultimate DDA.

- Ferox [] — Life247

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I think

the first time I saw a dda I was floored. There are some absolutely amazing ones. I also think it is commendable when they are made, because they are a lot of work. Finally, I think after the Nth time you see one, it starts to look the same. A bit like walking through the Louvre, they are all master pieces, but the art becomes a blur.
but it's still a DDA and still pretty boring. nr

The review

is little more than a definition of a KRADDA, which was a little disappointing. I was quite impressed by the map though, and have no problem with this being featured.
So is any music that isn't played on lutes and ancient drums too controversial, because that wasn't how the first musicians intended? Is writing online, such as this comment, too controversial because that's not what the first writers had in mind? Should we go back to shitting in fields because that's what the first people did?

Original intention means absolutely nothing when it comes to art. Not saying that shitting is art, though some may argue otherwise after eating bad Chinese.

Amazing DDA

but I don't really believe that DDA should be featured, they are like controversial to what the point of N means. but other than that nice work lord, you made something a bit impossible and illegal :P
play my maps! they rock!

What this guy said:
As far as featured DDAs being controversial, well, they shouldn't be. They are maps, just like action maps, and they should be treated as such. Same thing goes for N-arts.

So good feature, in my opinion.

Good but

Not the ultimate dda or kradda.
There better DDA's out there in terms of close calls and innovation, but I think this one was executed very nicely with its design.


Not a bad DDA, but the review is really low quality. Sorry Ferox.


but definitely a breath of fresh air in terms of the standard DDA design.

Would be cool if some of the DDA "experts" would try their hand at something similar.

I fricken love this map for both the DDA and highscoring aspect.

I need to proof-read what I write. : \



Very nice



I don't thing any DNA has every been featured.

A dna has to be excelently astounding to be featured, IMO. This one isn't superbly awesome, there are maybe 2 or 3 in nmaps which are.
:/ Well, no biggie. You know what it's supposed to be. <3 this DDA.

'You ninja'?

Fastest on Nreality.
Demo Data

I wrote a CF about this.


100th vote. I saved it. 5/5
It certainly wasn't 1/5 material. I gave it a 5/5 to counter the effects of that envious dick. I think it was worth a solid 4/5.
Demo Data


-57 frames.
Demo Data


this demo (cheated)
Demo Data

Crumpled peace_bear's demo. :D
Demo Data
Although it is very easy to cheat (see demo), it's still a great map... deserves a 4 from me.
Demo Data

Well done

Very creative. I love the way you make close calls for the rocket while still keeping the structure of the level artistic.

I also commend you on making the level very difficult to shortcut, though I assure you it is possible:
Demo Data


it's not the first one:


69 votes



This has been one of my favorite kraddas for the longest time, and yet I never rated it. x.x 5/5.


This is one of the most complex and insane KRADDAs ive ever seen. 5/5