Jurass Finish First

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Author LouDog004
Tags action author:loudog004 playable rated
Created 2006-05-15
by 12 people.
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Description 4/5

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ive seen this map before

I think...

Most map makers have an enemy. Their usage of this enemy is superior to any other enemies. Barabajagal's enemy was the chaingun, maximo's (at one point) enemy was the rocket, yours at the moment is the laser drone.
In other words, zomfsweet!1


....whay won't you get on the forums? did you quit?
And yes, I'm rather stupid as I realised that after I said it. But I like the way the map plays etc and a 4 is what I believe it deserves.


That means map 4 of 5. Also, if you see my demo, I also squeeze through to the exit.
Didn't even require fbf.

I like the way you rated yourself lol, quite honestly I agree.
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