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Author kamikaze3000
Tags author:kamikaze3000 playable race rated
Created 2006-05-18
Last Modified 2006-05-19
by 14 people.
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Description yeh, i know its cheatable, but try to do it properly.
as you can see, i got bored at the end, so if you want to make anything from this, go ahead, just make sure you credit me.

play, rate, comment

EDIT:i made the end slightly easier
EDIT1: filled in the tileset (thanks manvsbear)

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And a pretty attractive tileset for a race.

Not bad

The race has a decent flow, but it is far too easy, (even without cheating) and it is quite bland. It has room for improvement. 3/5


4/5, I like it like that.
And also - here is another rated map for you (final vote needed)
Keep it up.



I definitely like it better.
deathcloud and proffiendish's demoes no longer work - sorry


i cleared my cookies, and the thumbnail changes, but the enlarged image doesnt
but i filled it in. if you load the map, tell me what you think of it


finishing off the tileset doesn't require changing the name... it is still in pieces.

Making it look appealing helps the overall joy of play.

Lazyness is no excuse for naming a map.


the reason its called pieces is because of the way i made the tileset. if i change the tileset, which i do not want to do, i would have to change the name, and im no good of thinking of names

isnt that better?


kind of fun.

It was ok. Disgusting tileset. Fill in... please.

Easily beatable

cheating speed demo. For fun.
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I liked my demo.
Demo Data


its the second way


this is the right way...
4/5, basic, but fun.
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I think

this is the way.
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to start you off
Demo Data
is sorda weird....4.5/5.....can u plz check out my farewell map....