Priority Mail- second edition

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Author topolord
Tags action author:topolord playable rated
Created 2006-05-18
Last Modified 2006-05-18
by 6 people.
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Description its basically a resubmition of my older map
which had a glitch in it. That is fixed here, and i made the level a little easier, and i think, more enjoyable.
Have fun!

P.S. this version is not a submision for the self Sig competition (McP3000) as it is already over.

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I lost a whole ninja in one rating.

God damn snipers!

i mean

no more submits.

trust me, I'm as annoyed as you.


...and i finished my judging in 4 hours

its not over

since MP hasnt finished his damn judging...


Pretty good, I like the semi-flow to it.
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