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Author scythe33
Tags author:scythe33 dda rated
Created 2006-05-21
by 19 people.
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Description two way kra
do nothing or hold left.
have fun


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damn you're old...

you've evolved.


are you kidding me? this has plenty of close calls, for both the ninja and the rocket. and it's 2-way. but it's not as good as rocket-ed or tatletale. 5/5 anyway

umm alriight...

very short, loads of launch pads, very few rocket close calls.


uhhh... errr....

it only goes nothing and left.
there isn't a right way... is there?
and the right way is really really good. Its just way to short. Still, 4/5 for coolness and originality.

lol i'm an idiot

i thought it said 2.5


Are you seriously complaining about sniping? It's a goddamn 4.5

god damn

it was sniped

i really tried

i really did.
but I'll get better, i just know it :D

short, sweet & sour

it was pretty short---if u could make a longer version of it. (-0.5)
not enough clowse calls- (-0.5)

DDA! (+0.5)

total = 4.5/5 =]


I love watching n do his victory dance over and over.