Mallócian Pyramid

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Author -x-
Tags author:-x- playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-05-24
by 7 people.
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Description My dedication to Malloc for all golding my 'pixelated' map.

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Fastest demo yet... Not that anyone will ever see it...
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I love the map

I found it a long time ago when I didn't even have an account, and I just remembered it today. That accented o made it really hard to search for though...



I was so close in my demo, too (if I have the right demo). Nice map.
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I love this level, whenever i need a challenge I go here, Ive never beaten it.
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dang I could of beatin it but I just played around the whole time, there were some close calls, i mean dang all of them alomost hit me, lets see you do that and -x- as you know im new i joined today...
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and i can't even reach it. :-)

completion demo included.
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