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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized featured playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-14
by 42 people.
Map Data

Description Hop, skip, jump and lunge your way across the ceiling, but watch out: One slip, and you'll have to start it all over again.
If that's not hard enough for you, there's eight blocks of gold to try for.

I'll warn you though, this could get very frustrating.

This map was featured on 2013-05-27

Precarious, a vintage Lucidium, is a juggernaut in the userlevels of N. Back in '05, I would spend hours attempting to surmount the twin beasts of precision and progress, but to no avail.

For those of you that want a bonus challenge, a reward of eye-pleasing gold is scattered throughout. An AGD is tempting, but the construction makes that goal out of reach for most.

Lucidium's puzzles and experiments last forever, like statues stuck in the fabric of time. Precarious is a perfect example. All I can say is, for this bamboozler, I'd grab some kool-aid before starting. — 123leonidas321

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That would be awesome :D


I can do better, Meta.
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look at tsukatu laying down the eminem lyrics back when they were fresh/marginally relevant

very difficult, but a great feature. I love these old genre defining maps

I was wondering when this map would be featured.
One of my inspiration sources
for lots of help with the review

Fastest Speedrun

.Not that hard actually,
Demo Data

faster AGD

There we go.
Demo Data
This demo is not better than my AGDs, but it does prove that you can get the last group of gold without falling to the floor below.
Demo Data

slower AGD

It's not as good as my previous AGD, but any AGD on this level is a good one.
Demo Data
Thousands of ninjas died to bring you this demo. Honor them. This feat may never be accomplished again by me.
Demo Data
After countless attempts for an AGD, just beating it doesn't seem so difficult any more.
Demo Data

my best run

I got the first 5 groups of gold without falling. Completed with over 60 seconds remaining. Many ninjas died to bring you this demo. Honor them.
Demo Data
I spent hour after hour after hour on this one... and finally I did it! With no demo mode of course, within the 90 second limit! I did screw up a few times at the beginning of the top section, but who cares??? I made it!!!
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yeah your right

I can get all gold but not in one time :)
The gold I did not get in this demo is tough to get without falling. I can get it, but it doesn't add time if you fall.
Demo Data

AGD is possible

I can get all of the gold with no time limit, but can't beat it in time. b3njamin, don't tease me with your "almost" and not even get to the top level. You're a long ways from "almost".

Demo Data

i'll bring a AGD

it could take awhile

47.95 seconds left

Many ninjas died to bring you this demo. Honor them.
Demo Data


I finally beat it!

Whew, what a simple, yet difficult level. Lot of frustration trying, but it was worth it at the end.

I have the fastest time! 32.250! Beat that, people. :P
Demo Data

Beat it

but it was close...
Demo Data


I never thought I'd ever beat this level...
Demo Data


pro for me, but you definately have style Lucidium.



is the trippy. Nuff Said 5/5


Oh, I figured everything out before I watched his demo. Discovering the trick for the jump after the block was total luck; I was sure that thing was impossible.
This is much faster than Ludicrum's, and I know I can actually finish the thing, but I get too frustrated with the two jumps following the block...this is a blistering pace up to that point, though.

The first jump after the block requires near-exact timing, and then once you get on the sharp-sloping side of the triangle for the second's practically luck, making that jump. The final jump is pathetic compared to those two.
Demo Data


It's very frustrating, and perhaps could have been a bit easier, but the design work is very inventive, hence my high vote. It's a course for experts ;).

Completion Demo

As usual, please don't watch this unless you're absolutely stumped.

This took me a lot longer to do that I thought it would. I had to take a few tries on the last jump, but don't think I could handle a perfect demo right now.

That said, I challenge anyone to beat my time in this demo. It shouldn't be hard, as long as you don't mess up.
Demo Data
But I'll post a completion demo as soon as I get home tonight.
In the mean time, tktktk. You know if you knock bounceblocks, they don't always go back to the same position? Try knocking that one to the side, then jumping on top of it.

Holy crap...

Six second post difference between us, Suki. And Lucidium, could you please give us a completion demo?


Maxy, I think you're the one on drugs. You mistook me for Suki, and I think you misunderstood me. I can do the bottom part just fine, but the only area with the bounce block on the top seems impossible, there's no way to slide on top of it. Anyway, here's a demo of the level up to that point.
Demo Data
Thanks for the tip, Maxy, but uh... that was tktktk, not me. ;D
just slide on top of it.... and the rest is insane... youa reon drugs, lots of them... demo me someone

Very, very hard...

I can do the entire bottom part, and each top part individually except for the one with the bounce block. Although I know it can't be, that part just seems impossible.