illusion #1

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon n-art rated
Created 2006-05-24
by 48 people.
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Description Not as well as my others, but i nice 3D effeckt.

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it Is only an optical illusion, it's not that good, really. 3.5


i don't have much patience with N Arts. i'm about halfway done with one, but i'm to lazy to finish it.

i never would've thought you could do that. 4/5 cuz it's too simple, but + .5 cuz it's a new idea


YEAH YEAH! how do you make so genious N Arts???

Im w8ting for

the summer holidays. there is much time i think :]

Have not much time

School... I think u know -_-
It has nothing to do with beeing bored or something this way.

looks cool

its something other, but i really like it.


why havnt you submitted anything recently??
busy? or just bored with this?


i don't really see what the big deal is...i mean, it looks cool and all, but its not really amazing for this high of a rating.

hey we missed u!!!

great!! 5/5


pretty sweet 4.5/5
nice idea


thats so cool and he used doors to do it


thats really kool