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Tags action author:rock_boy playable unrated
Created 2006-05-24
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Description this map, in fact has nosprings, jump-pads, bounce blocks or anything else bouncy to get carried away with, but N will still have a spring in his step, I assure you that this is possible and will post a demo for anyone that asks

fun map, slightly different, not too hard, has some nice flow for an action map

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i like your levels, mostly...

but i advise you...dont overdo the length and ocmplexity, and definately dont overdo the gold so much on many of them...this level is a pretty good example of a decent, if not a little excessive...amount of gold
Length. It a little, TOO long for my taste. very very nice map though.

For some reason

i really like this map, fees like something i would make 5/5
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