Dedication Step 2

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Author oundj
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Created 2006-05-24
by 6 people.
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Description Ok, long comment, bear with me here.
I know there's virtually no enemies and close calls and that I'm using a lot of launch pads. Trust me, I tried for four hours to fit in trapdoors, but they always got in the way of something or just didn't help at all. Also, the launch pads ended up looking pretty cool with a lot of near misses from others. Remember, I'm still new, and it's only the second step. Expect it to flourish! =P
This is longer and more fun than Step 1, of course, as it is Step 2. lol
And now, for the dedication. Step 2 goes out to......


He is a supporter and also dedicated a level to me. I also like his funny maps. Lost is also my favorite show.
If there's someone name SouthPark, speak now or forever hold your peace, because I might give a Step to you if I like your maps. Hahaha, but I ain't just judging users by their names. I mean, what kind of a name is oundj, anyways?
Lol. I'll explain my name some other time... too lazy right now and pooped from making this DDA.

Cheers, LOST. I know there's at least one other user out there who knows they'll get a dedication, but, hey, there's many, many more to come, and you might be surprised by whose maps I'm admiring.

Peace out. Rate, comment, and enjoy. I gotta go take a piss and then play with my cat. =P

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Try this one

one of my old maps, but i just get it today (o.O)


kinda slow. Plus its your old map that you added like two thigns to. 2.5/5


i gave u 5/5 for the other map, this must be a 7/5!


that's intense