Rise to the occasion (v2)

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Author formica
Tags author:formica playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-05-27
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description A tense, rather original tower climbing mine jumper I hope will arrouse your... curiosity.

Now a _lot_ harder to cheat on, excepting for the top left and right sections, where the level is purposefully designed for you to be able to pick the side you'd rather ascend on.

It's very difficult, but reverse comp style- meaning that it is supposed to get _slightly_ easier as it goes on.

You can probably still cheat the first sections, but it's a lot harder to do so now.

Enjoy this improved version!

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Awesome...thar ye have a bloody good map, my friend! It's just a fun map, a breath of fresh air for me.


I thought I needed something to break up the monotomy of sharp, flat surfaces... and those round, vagualy ball shaped things seemed to do the job quite well.
the thirtyth time, they started padding the blocks. lol!

formica flooring

please explain!


F**king drone.
Demo Data

Did it.

Cheated ;)

Still very nice. I'll get a non cheated demo soon.
Demo Data

ye, its

its very cool and plays well, 4.5/5


Very cool concept. Very hard to doin one run, but still a very fun challenge.