Door DDA - version 2

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-21
Last Modified 2004-12-21
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description I made some changes to stop N dying. I then ran the level 10 times in a row and he only died ONCE on the 9th try. So it shouldn't be as iffy as the last one. The variation between the runs is amazing lol, on some runs a rocket will just be in a different place or a gauss turret will get him. This was made harder by the fact that the slightest change i made, like adding a door or some gold, would totally change the timings and screw everything up, i hope this works for you, it should be a nice level to whatch lol ;-)

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That's pretty impressive. 4

nicely done

i applaud you - 4.5/5
The order of the enemies in the code is crucial, as the enemy that appears first in the level code reacts to N's presence differently than (this excludes zap drones) the enemy that appears last in the code. I think the last one fires first; no two enemies will fire at the same time, thus the essentialness of the order.

The best way is to just put some enemies, then add trap doors (and normal doors if possible; they affect timing because the enemies can't see N behind them) to keep N alive.


i must be a difference in computers because it honestly only dies 1 out of 10 times when i tried it. maybe the difference in speeds of computers had an affect on it. thanks for the feedback anyways, i just wanted to try something different, something without any bouncepads or thwumps. :-D


Yeah, this is pretty awesome, but there's just far too many good DDAs around to rate this much higher than a 3. Sorry. he just died about half the time for me, but when it did finish, it was wicked awesome.

Very Nice

STill died 2/3 times :P 3/5 ninjas.

I like it

Very cool!


thanks for that i'll do that next time lol. :-D
p.s. what did you think of the level? lol


All my DDA's had this problem to some extent though I minimized it with the design. The true way to eliminate this, though, is to place all the enemies (i.e. AI-driven objects) first in the level data. Adding doors and shit shouldn't screw anything up beyond that.