Powered by bounce blocks? (fixed)

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-24
Last Modified 2004-12-24
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description I wanted to see if i could make a DDA using only bounce blocks with gold delays. This was the result lol, short and sweet but it was only a test.

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That's cool,

Were there some unused bounceblocks? I couldn't tell. 3.5


i really appreciate your comments :), ive made an extended version of this level too,

Nice DDA

Congrats on being the first.

Very innovative.

Never seen anything like it, nice one!


the gold makes N go through the block, then after its gone N srpings out of the box.

p.s. Sendy i matched your time but as much as i tried i just can't beat it, match it many times but just can't beat it.


i dont get how u did this but it's the coolest thing ive seen


sorry guys, my bad.


I think you messed up...

hey w123

I beat you by one frame.