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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art rated
Created 2006-06-04
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description >|This isn't the map i was talking about in my last map|<

I wanted to do this design for a wile.
It is a little messed up, but nobody's perfect. >^.^<

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pretty good


Pretty basic though. :P

he meant the

Honda logo sucks


ill think about it.

And nemetacyst, wht did you change your thought about this map? you thought is was good and later you said it sucks, is it because it didn't have any color evcept yellow?


ferrari would work too


iw as thinking chrystler or might work, but its kinda bland too


Nice logo ya got there. =p I can tell where you messed up, but it's still better than what I could do. 4/5

I reccomend toyota

or subaru

all it is

is an H

sure its recognizable, but its definately not art worthy if he plans to continue logo arts...


the logo sucks


i mean 4.5/5

what's wrong with

Honda, nemetacyst? 4/5


thats laughing because i never expected somehting like this...good job, but dont get too into it, i doubt many logos are worth doing...avoid honda at all H...4/5