Powered by bounce blocks? Extended

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-24
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description I just made this a bit longer, hope you still like it.

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You know what?

I've always wanted to make one of these.
This got a bit boring after a while, bt hey, 3.5

i like it

It is a unique idea, fun to watch the first time.

It lacks more enemies. Awesome map, 4.5/5!


isnt the point of a dda to be collecting everything? u only got like half the gold lol


how do u do that la?

lol sorry

the first version was more of a trial, but when i saw how much people liked it i made this extended version, but it wouldnt let me update the map, so i posted it again.


I'm not a fan of voting for two versions of the same map, I would expect no less of any of you with the maps that I have duplicates of. So, I'ma abstain my vote from this version.

map is awesome

still fascinating!


i mean here


this is the extended version, this is the original please vote this too if you've allready voted on the other one lol ;)