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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 bitesized playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-30
by 31 people.
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Description For NedCon5.

It's rotational symmetry. With mines. Enjoy.

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He's eight.
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very cool level. must have been hell to place all those mines, though ;).
Finally finished this.
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Cool level, btw. Though, perhaps, a bit easy for very experianced players.
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i feel so honoured lol. i've know that move for ages but just never really used it. the more downward force you get on the block, the higher you can double-jump. you are so fast though, in a different league...

Wow, wedgie...

Just when I think I know every little trick there is, you go and teach me something new. That bounce block trick is awesome. Here's an even faster demo, by the way (without the trick).
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but super fun, woo for lv's mine maps! nice map man. I went the no gold route.
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it took me ages to get that fast, im gonna leave it at that, you win, you are the fastest on here anyway so theres no point trying to be faster lol. the big jump of the block - when you land on it and it goes down, after it reaches its lowest point you sort of double tap the jump button, this makes N jump a little jump first, then when the block moves up again he jumps of it again, this sort of doubles the power of his jump, try the demo in slow mo and you'll see.


Beat you again by a bit. By the way, how on earth did you manage that huge jump off the bounce block?
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even faster all-gold. man i love being faster than tktktk, even though its just for one map ;P
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This is great, it's probably my favorite LV map after One-Way.
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I like it. If I tried to do it faster, though, I wouldn't like it as much.
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even faster all-gold.
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Faster all-gold...

Man I love this level.
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very nice

if i did get to the exit on this demo then i might have got the fastest all gold time, but instead of going for it again i had to post this demo because of the fall on the left side lol, lucky was i.
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That is the best minefield level I have ever played :D 4/5 (My demo isnt worth posting :P)


Hey, my demo's teh awesome, besides the crappy middle part. Stupid legs not jumping the way I want 'em to...
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My all-gold demo

Yes, a demo on my own map. Crazy, I know.
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All gold

Going for that square-shaped nectar.
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Non-gold demo...

I know, lame, but at least it's fast.
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I like the minefield, everything is well placed, specially designed to provide a balanced, satisfying challenge. It's a bit easy if you just get the switch but very difficult if you go for the gold. The level looks really cool as well.