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Author SilentDemon
Tags author:silentdemon bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-06-10
by 51 people.
Map Data

Description -repost-
last request from nemetacyst

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i see you.

i see you.

i see you.

i see you.

yea I'm shook that its been that long
Nine years since my last comment here.

...oh wait

You commented here a few days ago too.


I think it's really funny Ska looked you up just two days before I did.
I love you; if you ever come back be sure to comment at me or something. I'm not around often, but anyway. <3


thanks for the shout out on your profile. It's not often I get name-checked at all, so thanks and good luck with life!

Cheers :)

Sup dude, the new forums are right here:


I just remember seeing you a long time ago.

(I joined in '08, but saw a bunch of old maps like this.)




Lol MapleStory.



5/5 man

U play ms a lot?

Ahh I love it!

Mmm... a Platoon Chronos...

Is that right? yeah, I think so...
Anyways, 5aved for awesomeness.


thats a monster from maple story but 5/5


that was quite uncharacteristic...

I love it

I really like it. I like the whole concept of the picture, the shading and all. Well done, 5aved =)


wtf does that mean?

thanks demon

i got all of them...its a shame to delete these(again)...but do whatever you feel is best, or what you want...
you were a hell of an artist, good bye and good luck...


no cuz nemetacyst wants to see it, and it'll me delte soon and i don't think i got sniped that much. i don't really care about the ratings anyway.

Let me guess...

You resubmitted it because it got "sniped"?
Because frankly, I've grown ridiculously tired of this style of N-art. And I think this deserves a 3.5 at maximum. You need to branch out and make maps other than droll N-arts in the same style each time. This category shows absolutely no skill whatsoever, and if you can't make real maps, you're wasting the time of the entire community.

Once again..

5aved. Amazing work - this being my favorite of them all.


was that really necessary?

Holy fuck dude

how many of these do you have?


Man. Your amazing. All of this n art. Its amazing. 5/5. Without doubt.