the big mount-N #2

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Author wedgie123
Tags author:wedgie123 dda rated v1.3c
Created 2005-01-04
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description I thought i'd make another one of these, so here it is. this one seemed to have a few bugs, even though i made it the same as my others. so if N dies then please have some patience and try it again. ;-P
A few ways to spot a 'bad' run is 1) if the rocket in the far bottom right doesn't fire when N bounces on the first bounce-block, or 2) if the rocket in the far top right fires as soon as N hits the mount-N's front arm (it should fire really late). if those things dont happen then it should be a good run.
hope you like this one too.

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like it

I like DDAs it is very good


So, basically you're saying that your vomit is more talented than you? How interesting.

Ho hum

First of all, there's nothing wrong with linear DDA's as such. Life itself is linear ffs.
I like this map a lot, it has some nice close calls etc... I'd rate this map a 4 maybe, but because of all the "blablabla, not good enough" talk, I'll give you a 5.

Please make more of these.

sorry rh7hym..

but i didn't copy your map, i didn't know anything like this existed. i didn't see your map and think 'oh i'll copy that' because ive never seen it lol. sorry if your offended by this similarity lol

been done

u copied my idea of the big n character (N-Larged) that i made before accounts were put in

I hear you...

but i went through like the whole map before comign back some times... that is just awsome imo and when I pulled it off you should have seen me I was so happy. thanks for takign the time to consider the thoughts though

ok maximo..

but in my opinion using the same thing over and over again is too repetative and boring. it may be something you enjoy, but the room that you used 7 times, for example, i found a little boring, because it was just the same room 7 times over with nothing really that different each time. dont get me wrong though, throwback is a wicked map(5/5). i understand what your saying about the length too, its something really challenging to do but really does make a good DDA. i know this DDA is a bit crap because of it being so liniar, but to be honest i think re-using the same thing too much can be a bit boring too.
thanks for taking the time to explain anyway maximo. i will take your advice onboard and try and make my next one not so liniar, re-using 'some' of the sections.

lemmie tell you

length above all, and a multiplying factor is reusing areas of the map in different ways... not to boast, but as an example. On Throwback, I use that one middle room that's shaped like a triange like 7 times... that is something I really enjoy and i used some bounce pads like 10 times in that map, really cool stuff. I like close calls like the rest of us, but they are too easy to craft now with all the techniques out there... anyone can do stuff like this I think. Stuff like big long dda's take real skill and crafting... kablizzy has made some good ones, still a little linear but better than mosts... my average vote for dda's is a 3, which makes perfect sense... a 5 would have to knock my socks off, this is just lackluster imo.


sorry you thought like that. you should have said something sooner and i would have made some changes, i just didn't think anyone was that against them. what do you think makes a good dda then?


if u used some laser dromes or chainguns ir WOULD be great !!!anyway 5N !!! awesome !

my take

and this goes for the first one too...

these are too short and linear. Just WAY too short and linear. N goes from point a around the map and to the exit... He might do cool stuff getting there, but its just no fun to watch stuff like this. I just don't get the short dda's I rated this and the other one a 2 because I really despise this linear of dda's. I'm sorry I'm "against the flow" with the votes but i just don't get it.


so he only died once then?
The first time around N got rocketed (I think it was from the #1 you described), but it was very cool.

Considering most people'll vote this 5, the chance of failure, and the fact I wasn't super-duper impressed, I'll only give it a 4, but it was very very good.