The Gultch

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Author dark_kiwi
Tags action author:dark_kiwi playable unrated
Created 2006-06-20
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Description This levl is pretty hard. Please rate this so i can see how my maps are. :)

(P.S. use the ramp on the right for a boost)

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demo - 66.666 + 0.009 ,)
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very easy

btw, wishyouwerehere, i noticed as soon as you mentioned it. i think it's episode 17 or 72, i think.
fairly good map. 4/5
is part of a metanet level....did no one else see that ?
but I liked it. I liked how the gauss turret could see you no matter where you were, and how the mines forced you into the gulch every time you went across. Nice job. (4.5/5)

(Not as fast as osldgoth, but here's my completion)
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no, it's quite easy. take out the doors around the gauss turret, add some gold.
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