My 3. DDA

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Author alex357
Tags author:alex357 dda rated
Created 2006-06-21
Last Modified 2006-06-22
by 20 people.
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Description ~> Thx BRTTRX for the tileset!!


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its pretty good
(way beter than wat i can do)


chill, man. why are you so mad at me for the past month now?

F#ck you

asian, get the hell off my back I want nothing to do with you.


ya I heard you used the same tileset as me, i hope brrtrx sees it
but there is a alot of gold delay 4/5

all right

its good, but i liked your second 1 more. 3.9/5 or 4. lots of gold delay. you could do better. And how fast are you posting these dda's!?!


dude there's quite a bit of gold delay. did you even play the level? and Mosh, almost all DDA's have gold delay. if your DDA that you make outa my tileset has absolutely NO gold delay, i'll rate it a 5/5 cuz i'm rating this a 4.5/5. unless you don't want me to rate it up cuz you're gonna use my tileset for your map like Brttrx did.

Hey, Moshpit2010!

I don't see any gold delay, where is it? also, the close calls were pretty good. The tileset was used well. 4/5
And Im also happy my tileset wasnt turned into shit.
And that he put time into this, so considering all of that, I thought it was fair to give him a 5/5.

So, Brttrx..

You're saying this is as good as Magnotechnology? Or The Improbability Drive? I hate to say it, but I believe you have a little bias because he used your tileset. ^_^

In all constructive criticism, I'm giving this a 3.5/5. Quite alot of gold delay, and that brought it down to 4/5. That, and the Anti-Flow in it. By that, I mean it oh-too-predictably jerked back and forth to make close calls based on avoiding, not timing. Letting N naturally fly by a laser or rocket, instead of hurling him past it, would have been alot more pleasing. Minus half a point for that.



I liked it, but please alex, i can't make a level out of my first map, will you or tell someone else, to make a map out of it, also check out my n-art of a dr.pepper can.


I like it. 5/5