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Author chuckmckiel
Tags action author:chuckmckiel playable unrated
Created 2006-06-21
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Description This was inspired by the "simple challenge" maps by tktktk. I wanted to make something very straightforward and simple, but still fun and hopefully challenging.

It's not very difficult, so I don't know how much the pros will enjoy it, but it's a bit beyond newbie, so maybe some moderate players will dig it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to tktktk for the inspiration and for the great maps.

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This is my first playable submission to this site, and I just learned an important lesson -- in the future I'll have to devote more time to spotting all the loop-holes that I missed with this one. Now that I watched that demo, the shortcuts are PAINFULLY obvious. Thanks for playing, Livens.

I may take a few minutes to clean up the glaring imperfections... or maybe I'll just work on some more interesting maps instead.


The switch will throw you just over that last stack of mines. But you have to jump up into the switch just right.

...still working on the demo...

Completion Demo

Thats a little frustrating to get it all right in one demo.
Demo Data

I got

to the switch just fine... But all it did was open a trap door right under it. maybe if you jump at the switch right it will throw you up in the air???

It's possible

I tested it as I built it, so I know it's all possible... I'm working on a demo now, but I'm at work right now... you know how it is.

So I'll have a demo ready as soon as I can. Thanks for the feedback.
to the last switch is possible... a demo please? also, please rate and comment my new map, Burstbucker? should still be on the newest page, much appreciated, thx! 3.5/5.

Having trouble

ladning on the bounceblock