Bouncy Pit

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Author Sparrow15
Tags author:sparrow15 test unrated
Created 2006-06-25
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description An easy, yet entertaining test I tested...

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-but for these maps that take little effort to make and are pretty reppetitive, you should disable ratings.


A noobish trap to put in or a noobish trap to fall for? I was trying to make the level more symmetrical but didn't want you to have to go to both places.


He meant the trap was a noobish trap and I agree, otherwise not bad though 3.5/5.


Take a wild guess, where is the most obvious place... and YES there IS a cube in the EXACT CENTER!

To Beanhead:

If it was a stupid n00b trap, then how did you find out about it? If it was a stupid n00b trap, does that make you a stupid n00b?


the noob trap at the bottom was stuiped though
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awesome map. lots of fun to play and kinda hard yet not impossisible. 4.5/5


but I dont found the thing to open the door!