Tilesetmakover1: Ruins of mother earth

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Author motherload11
Tags action author:motherload11 playable rated
Created 2006-06-27
by 8 people.
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Description Ep 1 of my tileset makover series. Dont worry guys im getting better at map making and this one is a hard level!

Credits go to astheoceanblue for his awsome tileset!

I would like to see some demos as this level is possible ;)

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very nice



what they said... 4.5/5
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Demo Data

Yea...what he said.

Very good job with the set!

4.5/5 and an AGD!
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an okay demo....

all but one gold, and completion... as for the level, I like it very much. the tileset, of course, is incredible, since it is astheoceansblue's, and the gameplay is very enjoyable... I have no complaints, so a 5/5, or at least it would be... but a 4.5/5... half point down for free tileset use... nice job with this one though@!
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when i first looked at this map i thought it would be easy... then i realized the homing launcher lol... well ill try to post an AGD