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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda multienemy rated
Created 2006-06-28
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 75 people.
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I've been working on this for just under 100 hours, spanning a month. It has 3383 frames, 2 laser drones, 2 chainguns, 8 gauss turrets, 8 homing turrets, and NO GOLD DELAY! (except for the bounce block propulsion)

Now I know that mines don't really make good enemies for a DDA, and all that gold is pointless, but I only added them in to add to the feeling of 'debris'.

I want to dedicate this map to LOST, for all his fantastic DDAs.

One more thing, this is userlevels friendly

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Dat is INSANE!!!!



Not as good as your other ones, but good nontheless.


okay, look z33ro.
I know you rate DDA's really really low usually.
I never cuss but what you say gives me a strong desire to use a more well-known foul expletive. You little (insert foul expletive here).
Too many launchpads, huh?
I saw what you posted on The Improbability Drive.
That thing has more launchpads than this.
I think.
You said, "Finally. A diamond in the rough 5/5."
Doesn't that seem a little hypocritical? Or something?


now in this dda all you used here was launchpads. now thats bad as well.

Oh yes


I am now completely confused.
You tell me I don't use enough launchpads. You then go back, to when I did use them (imo way too much) You still hate my DDAs.

I mean really, what the fuck?


You are totally getting a ded.
I said to myself when I submitted this: The first person to notice the slightly edited launchpad gets a ded.

Wow, it took people that long? :)

Also, I don't mind the fact that you didn't like it that much, this wasn't my best by a long way.

boring for once.

this is the only of your maps that gets a bit boring.
I thought i saw some code hacking too...
propulsion somewhat monotonous.


im sry but i dont really enjoy your ddas...their way to generic 2/5

Very nice

I checked out your newer "m.e." dda first, linked me here. I actually prefer this one. both are awesome to me.
5/5 and faved

Very nice

I checked out your newer "m.e." dda first, linked me here. I actually prefer this one. both are awesome to me.
5/5 and faved


Great DDA. I'm giving it a 4.5


all i can say is ' amazing '


what shell i say.............. WOW!!!!

Wow, man

I love all of your DDAs. 5aved.

this is

fantastic!!! 4.5/5!!!

one more thing

about the gold, you had to have some or he would have died because he ran out of time :P.
So the gold is there for a reason.


It reminds me of throwback. Still great work-your "3 way" was the first DDA I watched. Even though it has launchpads, anyone can notice it's still pretty stylish, like your others.
Just my take =P
And i'm probably not going to try to re-outdo you, unless we get some petition going :D

pretty good stuff

but someone said lots of enemies isn't that original, but who cares im giving you 5/5 anyway!

Pretty Good,

But like becauseicare it didn't seem to click. All that blocking rockets with trapdoors instead of dodging and stuff... well, 4/5.


5/5 man you have so much patience to be able to complete a map like that! WOW!!!!


#1 DDA?



relley cool 5 / 5 :)


4/5 nice length but I thought there wasn't much exitement compared to Improbability Drive and Dungeon of Dooms Final Showdown...etc.


i died... ='(


you really are good...

highest grade...

100 hours....

OMG. I've NEVER worked on one map THAT long! Damn!! 5/5

as it would seem

i have been outdone.
gj,you earned it.
But wow, 100 hours?
My top is 35-I think.


Just didn't seem to 'click'
but...........i have a few things to say. One, two many launch pads. Also, a lot of enemies in a dda has been done soooooo many times. Its not original or really exciting. In fact, i have an easier time making ddas with a lot of enemies. Nice with the no gold delay though. 4/5

If you like this...


is amazing!
Demo Data

excellent work

100 hours working on this?!? a got a little impatient waiting for this to end... there's no way i could spent 100 hours on making a level. i really like the level not considering the fact that it took 100 hours to complete. just for the level: 4.5, but i would add 3 more for the 100 hours spent on this thing, but all thats left is .5 ;) 5/5

Great DDA

I've never seen anything like it. Very well done, your hours of work paid off.
I'm giving you a 3, there's just so many lanchpads and it isn't so actiony like Formica's The improbability drive, nor did you any thing special. I expected more from this.
Great length however.
No gold delay, so you get a + .5


great DDA but i dod agree with adster about it being too springy but i also like the fact that there was no gold delay so 5/5 great work
But a bit too springy, and the dorr trick on bttm left ruins it.