The cavern

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Author darius1020
Tags author:darius1020 dda rated
Created 2006-06-28
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description A DDA

my first

rate and comment

it may lag

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Flashy lights and sounds not a good DDA do make. Close calls do. For non diversity of the enemies, the non reusablity of the launchpads, the use of excessive gold delay to make it simpler to make, and the overall simplicity: 3/5


this in now way deserves a 5 or a top ten spot, stop over-rating maps, just because its his first doesn't make it better.
that was awesome 5/5


bit too much lagg


I think it was very good. And because it's your first 5/5


for time spent, despite the lag, 4/5