missile and gauss turret

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Author pac-master
Tags action author:pac-master playable unrated
Created 2006-06-29
Last Modified 2006-06-29
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description its a competition. if you complete it, you rock, all gold, and you deserve a ded for sure!!!(i dont think any body will be able to get an all gold)

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oh and btw

that is an AGD... i get a ded right?


geez i tried at this level for so long... i finally got it.. haha very nice level
Demo Data


could u possibly make it a bit easier to get the gold? i mean like ive gotten the key and gotten to the top rocket but then it fires as im on it... then of course i die...


sorry PNI. didnt mean for it to look that way. Hope your not offended by it (sniggers)


didnt think it would get good ratings so thats why i said not to rate it. o well. i guess i ought to change it

oh wait

i just realized u said not to rate it... haha well i didnt so were all good but i wouldve rated it 4.5/5
pacmaster u kno ur missing a mine in the missile turret right? haha just making sure but if i were u id take some of the mines out... it slows up the loading process tons.. nice map tho 4.5/5


You need to get out more...

I can't look!

It looks like a bikini