My 6. DDA

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Author alex357
Tags author:alex357 dda rated
Created 2006-06-29
Last Modified 2006-06-29
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Based on the tileset of nemetacyst!!
Short but full with action!!!
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this are two of my olders map, but only 1 rate are missing!

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me too ^^

i made it and i tryed and it goes!
on the left!
Some people dont like it so much, this part but i like it ! ^^


this is real cool !
I dont event understand what happened on the left part, at the end, with the huge explosion of rockets !...


i quite lliked it...

it wasnt long or incredible, but it had a good amount of close calls and wasnt too fast to watch easily, quite enjoyable


too short and i didn't like the gold-delay and launchpads. I would rate it a 3, but since its the only decent DDA I've seen so far, (PNI is a load of bullshit) I'll gtive it a 3.5 work on transportation, otherwise nice close calls

Very short

Short, full with action (actually drenched in action juice) and doing things so fast that you need to go frame by frame to see all the action. 4/5


Youre good.