Concept Dragon

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Author Cossack
Tags author:cossack bitesized dragon n-art nonplayable rated silhouette
Created 2006-06-29
Last Modified 2007-07-29
by 76 people.
Map Data

Description I think this looks realy cool. The neck is a little too long but i was far into the map when i noticed and just did not feel like redoing the whole head. other than that i think its good. please rate and comment.

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be featured!!!! 5aved

thats cool

:P this is probably my fav art ive done so good to hear comments on it still :) thanks yous v. muchly :D


I 4aved this long long ago bit didn't tell you...sorry




the title says it all

Pretty cool

Yet a little simple

Pretty cool

Yet a little simple

i set the wallpaper

as my background


thats not the one i looked at. the one i looked at was silver and i think can be reached if you search for "glass dragon" in google images

Im not sure...

where else this wallpaper has come from, but it came as a default on Back|Track Linux. It's pretty stylish too, so I kept it on there.

And nice art too.

i have to admit

it's good. you have to admit it's definately not as good as Afernoon Dragon. that sets the standards for N Arts. and it's not centered very well. 4.5

5/5 no

thought about it...and my vote raised it higher on top rated.


very very interesting, very cool, very neat. quite good in fact. i like dragon narts. i like dragons in general. 5/5 4 u

someone saw it

i was waiting for that. i probably should have said something. it was a wallpaper i had and i thought that an N art would turn out well. and sadly i didnt do it. i credit the person who did.
in a wallpaper, you do that too?

thats hell stylish

good job


That is really really good. Never would have thought to do it myself, very good. 5/5 and faved.

it's just..



looks awesome it has great flow to it


I have never seen such an amazing dragon before! I can picture it flying through the air too. 5/5!

Caught my eye.

A definite dragon, for all of you non-believers. This is one of my first favorited N arts.

I don't

Think that the neck is too long 5/5 faved


its a unique dragon

the head doesn't look big to me if you think of it being unique just like you said its a CONCEPT dragon


that is pretty amazing.. 5/5


look like a complete dragon but its awesome