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Author Zy
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Created 2006-07-03
Last Modified 2006-07-03
by 9 people.
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Description Press One Before You Play!!!
This is my second DDA, ( First one can be found here: ) and is dedicated to my rl friend sebbyseb4 for his many ideas on my race/door eerie that I might submit after I have finished it, but it will take a while because I'm only halfway done. This DDA is like 3340 frames long and took me three days to make. I know it uses gold delay and one edited bounce pad but I think that its probably my best DDA yet. In one frame the rocket takes the place of N's body. Try playing some of the close calls in fbf. Please rate, comment, and give suggestions! Thank you for your rates and comments, they mean alot to me.

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Thanks for your comments and rates!

fukin nice

luv da way he revisits rooms!


that's cool! it's really long and has some crazy close calls. good one...


5/5 fav'd and thx for ded ^-^