How not to make a lightbulb

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2006-07-05
Last Modified 2006-07-05
by 19 people.
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Description Odd one here... just some experimentation with sections of flow, a couple of odd twists, and a wierd tileset.

EDIT: Switched moved up to top- there is now some degree of difficulty in finishing level.

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Don't think it is really hard. Bit of a challenge though. Nice.
Demo Data
Thank God you're still here. Aussie to Aussie. Which reminds me. Why don't you krusch and I make a collab map?Just a thought. I don't mind if you reject the offer. After all I'm not even in the same league compared to you guys!


Dude, that's awesome! nice one... tileset is great and the object placement is good, I like this one a lot, 5/5 and fav'd


thank you!!
even more lovely now.


i think that would be just great.


The switch, not the tiles. Anyway, glad you liked it!

I could...

move it up the top, if you like?

forgot to mention..

beautiful tiles.


the only thing that bugs me::
i love levels where gold is the challenge, but i felt the switch could've been a *tad* bit more out of reach. still great, though. and what's expected from and author like you. 4.5 and favd.