No two ways about it

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-07-06
by 44 people.
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Description Actually, the name is a bit misleading. I think there are two possible combinations...

Still, considering the fact that there are 49 combinations in total- and that timing is essential in this puzzle, which adds a ton of complexity on top of that- 2 ain\'t much.

This map requires a LOT of planning and thinking. You might even want to draw up a few diagrams to figure out the order. It also requires a good run with accurate jumping to hit the switches, which is in itself quite difficult.

And I\'m fairly sure- or at least I really, really hope- that cheating is more or less an impossibility; however, if you find any ways to do so, drop me a line and I\'ll fix it.

So enjoy this rather titanic piece of work. A lot of effort went into it. And good luck.

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I do a speed demo too! But, it's my route... so it's not too speedy.
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I win!

Now I can watch other demos... I wonder how different they are.
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very clever

very well put together and interesting level



theres no way im rating this 5/5 after beating it because i didn't but i saw rock_bays replay and was inspired by it

can i do that?



I didn't trap the drones in the middle though...

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I assure you that you cannot complete this map using guess work. Well... I guess technically you could, but the odds are stacked phenomonally against you.

Seriously. Diagrams are the way to go. Figure out what HAS to be opened before what using logic, and you'll have the order of about 3/4 of the switches allready worked out. After that it's pretty easy- small things like, this switch has to be switched AFTER this drone has reached here but BEFORE this drone reaches here, and you should get it.

Also, Rock_Boy: That's it. Great work!

i didnt enjoy this

Its brillantly made, but it wasn't fun, and it felt like guess work to me. People may not agree, but I rated it 3.5/5.


just wow, 5aved


i think my demo was done the correct way because i got all the drones trapped in the middle.

You should make it harder next time, i like how you "colour" coded each switch.

great map - please tell me if ive done it correctly or if i cheated.
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Wow...great map!

Absolutely brilliant...

Completion...I copied KA

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A demo, on the house.
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and again

Demo Data

even faster again

and im still the only one to complete it
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I love making these kinda puzzles and I love playing them!

5ed and Faved! I am gonna try for a demo later when i have some more time.




so much work...

I like this kind of puzzle, and that's a real good one.
I mean real puzzles. I mean it was good. It was just way too hard for me. Still.. 5

You are the best and you always will be in my eyes.


Thanks for that...

I've always been intrigued by puzzles like this
I was just doing a cave- type map, when I started doing a small drone puzzle down the bottom. I just fiddled to see if anything interesting happened, and if I could- more or less by chance- get a good puzzle happening. It sort of worked, but not really. But I really wanted to make a map like that.

So I started again, beggining with a sort of arena- esque enclosure similar to this. I made a couple of maps I ditched- 3 or 4- and spent 5 or 6 hours making them before this one more or less just... happened. It's hard to explain how it worked, but you just start adding things and blocking things and adding other things and seeing how you can get an essential order yet still have it possible.

I ended up making it either impossible or slightly too easy, so I added in two more switches (the ones on the side) and fiddled some more and eventually it just worked. Which was very, very nice indeed.

So, in short- I don't know.


How did you go about making this?

*Gives up*

I'll try again in the morning...

It's late...yeah....that's my excuse.....

I refuse to watch any demos until i beat it



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that was hard 5/5
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Thanks for deleting that. :P

I was getting a bit tempted...


And, incase you're wondering, it's resubmitted because I decided I didn't want to submit a demo after all.

You guys can figure it out for yourselves.