Sky Below, Heaven Above

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Author Qix
Tags action author:qix featured playable rated
Created 2006-07-06
by 17 people.
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Description First map from my nedcon levelpack. It's my favorite from the bunch. Hope you like it.

This map was featured on 2017-07-31

Qix is one of the OG authors who doesn't get brought up much in conversation. But many of his maps would fit in on the front page today. For example, this map is eleven years old but it doesn't look a day over two. The three separate sections work together in harmony, and there are very few safe spaces in the map. I've revisited this map several times over the years, and I don't know why I never commented before. Wherever you are now, Qix, I hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us. — Aidiera

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I thoroughly enjoyed them :D

silly rabbi

qix are for trids

nice map!

here's my "speed" run. This is well put together, stylish and challenging.
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ooh i forgot all about qix. yah.


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I though it was fun...


atob's maps rolled in to one and then made worse...

3.5/5 on a good day, lucky for you tis one of those days


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i love it.



To start you off.
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