Invasion of the Zap Drones

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Author XiaoXiaoMan
Tags action author:xiaoxiaoman playable unrated
Created 2006-07-17
Last Modified 2006-07-18
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Map Data

Description A base is being built into a mountain near a volcano for safety. It's doors are lava-proof, but we're still trying to get it stable. Temporary supporters are being added for stability until the construction is complete. We were nearly done, but the base became infested with zap drones. They're patrolling one area of the unfinished base, and there's only a small gap. What's worse? THE VOLCANO'S ABOUT TO BLOW!! Your mission is to open all the doors so the guards can drive away the zap drones. Try to make it through the base in one piece!

EDIT: Just so you can't go back out, I added a trap door.

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Try these!


its ok but it aint da best you should try to make it harder




Do not look at ninja12345's demo; it'll act up on u.


just one teeny problem...
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Try this one!

Comment, rate, uh... comment. Oh, and here's the demo data. dont want u to think i cheated or anything.
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